This is us

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator color=”custom” accent_color=”#002868″][vc_column_text]Born of Now Media in South Africa, Aardvark1 is a collaboration of:
1.) Now Media: Writing more than 5,000 articles per year on Southern and East Africa in their publication Tourism Update.

2.) TPI: 100% Canadian-owned and operated supporting more than 800 independent agents across Canada with regulations, training, and back office services.

3.) Wanderlust Travel: The face of Aardvark 1, Craig and Anne are your Canadian experts in Africa focused on finding out what makes you and your travel companions tick to bring alive the trip of a lifetime. We are a “Virtuoso” affiliate Agency:- This honour is by invitation only and was awarded to our group (TPI) in 2013.

Originally from South Africa (he says he never left but he lives in Canada?) Craig first arrived in Canada in 1998. He never intended to stay but he just kept “not leaving”. That might be on account of how much he loves it here and how much he loves Canadians. Craig would love to expand Aardvark to sell Canada to the world one day. Craig is Canadian (and South African).

Craig, born into a family publishing for the travel industry in Africa grew up travelling and his fondest travel memories are those on Safari.

Originally from South Africa, Anne first arrived in Canada in 1994. Anne’s passion has always been travel and tourism and she followed her dream by purchasing an associateship with Canada’s largest host Agency TPI in 1998. Anne’s business has grown over the years, on repeats and referrals from a home based agency to a retail agency aptly named Wanderlust Travel TPI. Southern Africa is a natural for Anne, you just need to ask her a question about it and the enthusiasm speaks for itself!

South African Travel doyen David Marsh was born on the same day that the first proofs for the first publication of what would then become his company came off the printing press. He has lived Travel his entire life and no one knows it better than he. Dave adds the finishing touch to every itinerary.

Craig, Anne, and Dave have a many common philosophies, but the one that stands out most is their insatiable desire to share their birth country with their fellow Canadians.